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Helping Someone Else

Saving Someone Else’s Life

It can be very overwhelming when someone you are close to is considering suicide. It’s great to be there for them but more often than not, professional intervention is needed. Check out the information below for some crucial tips on how to help stop a suicide.

What To Do

Highlight how important and loved the person is

Avoid causing negative

(Anger, Embarrassment, etc)

Try to encourage the person to seek professional help without being overly forceful

Help to create a ‘HEAL’

(Helpful Engaging Action List)

Create HEAL

Try not to leave the person alone for long periods of time

(Check in on them regularly)

Encourage regular eating

Try not to add to the person’s stress level

Remove items that may cause them to act on impulse

(Firearms, Rope, Pills etc.)

Listen attentively

If there is an imminent threat, call the emergency services immediately

[If the person is a member of the military community, be sure to mention this so they can provide this person with custom support]


If someone posts on Social Media indicating that they are suicidal or self harming, there's a way to easily report it (on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and in some cases, even get them assistance via an online chat service. Click the relevant social media platform above for more info.

Need a detailed guide on how to save
someone’s life?

Click Here

If you are having serious suicidal urges right now, call the emergency services or call a suicide hotline