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HEAL - Helpful Engaging Action List

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Sometimes we need to have a plan in place to stop ourselves from acting on impulse. A HEAL is this plan combined with engaging tasks, games, actions or simply mild distractions all rolled into one to ensure someone who is dealing with suicidal tendencies can protect themselves during the crucial alone times. With this document, you can easily personalize your HEAL and print or email it to yourself if you need to.

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About HEAL: HEAL is the acronym for Helpful Engaging Action List developed by Robert Richard Carter and first mentioned publicly in his life saving literary contribution “How To Really Stop A Suicide”. The technique has proven to be an extremely effective one in times of crisis. A HEAL focuses mainly on helpful distractions and should not be looked upon as a long term solution or a substitute for professional intervention.

Sometimes we just need to get away from it all and its not possible in real life. In your virtual life however you can go anywhere you want, do anything you want and be anyone you want. It’s a great place to take a load off when you need a distraction. Join a free 3D virtual world  > HERE
Note: Use this as a mild distraction only. This is not a substitute for suicide hotlines, suicide chats or professional therapy.

If you are having serious suicidal urges right now, call the emergency services or call a suicide hotline