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Giving Back - Do Good, Feel Good


For many people, the only thing holding them back from becoming an IMAlive volunteer responder is the cost of training and certification. Donate to any of the registered IMAlive volunteers that show the "Support Me" badge and help them reach their goal to begin training. The ripple effect of helping one volunteer get properly trained could be immense. 

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Random Acts funds proposals for acts of kindness. If you have an awesome idea for an act of kindness, but need some assistance with funding, they can help you out! Be sure to send them lots of feedback too. They love to see acts of kindness from people who have participated in their programs and events. They’d like to hear from you and see pictures and videos of your acts of kindness.

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Want to Volunteer Instead?

One of the best rewards in life is the feeling of doing something nice for someone else - helping your fellow man. If you would rather volunteer your time, then see our volunteer section and select from one of the many available organizations. Many suicide prevention organizations exist almost solely because of the generosity and kindness of people just like you. Help them in their quest to eradicate suicide > HERE.

If you are having serious suicidal urges right now, call the emergency services or call a suicide hotline