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Financial Stress


Many people have faced financial struggles at some point in their lives... even some who are quite wealthy right now. The pressure of owing, being financially stagnant, or simply the inability to provide for oneself or one’s loved ones, can lead to a crippling feeling of inadequacy and lack of self-worth. Sometimes, depending on a person’s vision for his/herself, simply being able to survive is not fulfilling enough. The good news is that there are an infinite number of ways to create something out of nothing; there is no limit to what can be achieved with the right mindset. Options for making money have increased considerably over the last few years… so much so that many people earn decent incomes with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection.

Although having an innovative new idea can be very financially rewarding, it is not always necessary to hash out an entirely new concept; sometimes simply putting a new spin on an already successful idea can be more than enough to bring in a steady income. Below are some ways that people make money online every day. Many people use these avenues as distractions in their day to day life and as a healthy way to vent while making positive changes in their lives.

Ways To Make Money Online


With Youtube being available in over 60 languages and receiving billions of views every day, it’s no wonder it’s one of the top 3 websites in the world. For this reason, individuals and companies alike have rushed this social media behemoth with the intent of profiting off the free-to-use platform. This is a place where people (even kids as young as 7 years old), have made millions. Your slice of the pie is possible by reviewing what works and what doesn’t, posting interesting content, and of course driving traffic towards it. People do everything from compiling pranks to giving advice in a bid to earn subscribers and views.

Find out more about monetizing your YouTube channel > HERE


Blogging is typically done using a relaxed and conversation styled website that is updated on a regular basis. It can range anywhere from informatively techy to just plain funny. The important thing is to get traffic to the site and of course to monetize it to help you generate an income. Google Adsense is one of the more popular methods people use to monetize their blog, but there are also many other options available. There are FREE and PAID options for creating your own website/blog.

More info and links to start creating your blog > HERE


Affiliate marketing has become an enormous source of income for many people throughout the world. Affiliate marketing companies generally have a large number of advertisers whose products you also have access to once you are approved, so they are a great avenue for making regular commissions. Usually the company whose product or service you want to promote would ask you to sign up through an affiliate marketing company (Eg. It is basically promoting a company’s products or services and getting an agreed upon percentage for directing business to their website. You are given an affiliate account to track the number of people you sent to the company’s website and the amount of money you are owed. You are also given special links that can be easily added to websites, emails, social media, offline media, blogs… just about anywhere you choose to market them (as per the company’s guidelines).


It has become amazingly easy to make an ebook, and even easier to put it out for sale. You can either publish your ebook directly to the online stores where you want it sold (Eg: Amazon), or you can go through a 3rd party to showcase your book to various markets (Eg: Smashwords). Some important points to note is that if you are going directly to the online stores, while your profit margin may be higher, the amount of work and possibly even startup cost can increase significantly. If you decide to use a 3rd party, they do almost everything for you after you have written the book, including send it out to the online stores… however they now get a cut of your sales.

More info on self-publishing an ebook > HERE and detailed information about self-publishing nonfiction content on Amazon > HERE

freelance websites

Freelance websites are websites where people can go to either post services that they themselves offer, or look for freelancers for jobs they want done. You can offer dozens of services for clients to choose from. There are many people all over the world who use freelance services to bring in a steady income. As long as you continue to maintain a good rating (through the feedback of clients), you can turn this stream of income into a very lucrative one. Some popular freelance websites are: Freelancer, Upwork. They are all free to join. You can choose to join just one or branch out and make your talents available on various websites.


It’s a known fact that people are generally more responsive to visual content. Because of this the stock photo market has grown at an alarming rate with many websites sprouting up, each containing millions of pictures, graphics and sometimes even videos. These websites are able to exist and profit because of the photographs submitted by thousands of people around the world. If you have a good eye and a decent camera, you too can make money from stock photos (by becoming a contributor). It’s basically a case of signing up, uploading your photos and receiving a payment every time someone downloads one. It’s advisable to make sure your photos are of good quality and are retouched or edited (where necessary). Some popular sites to join are Dreamstime, Deposit photos, and Shutterstock.


Most people have things that have been sitting around for years that they no longer have use for. Why not make some money from them? There are some great programs that allow you to do just that. Have some old books laying around? Have an old camera you don’t use any more? It doesn’t matter if it wasn’t purchased from Amazon; just about anything in decent condition can be traded in. Amazon allows you to sell your BOOKS, CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, VIDEO GAMES and GENERAL ITEMS for a credit to an Amazon gift card. Since Amazon more or less sells everything, this is almost as good as cash. It’s a great way to get rid of the clutter and make some needed cash at the same time (US & UK). Start selling > HERE


Another great income stream is through writing articles. You can write on almost any topic that you think people would be interested in reading about. Your articles are exclusively posted to a specific website and would usually show up in search engines when people search for the topics you wrote about. The more people that read your article… the more money you make. In this case you are paid per view instead of being paid per click. In some cases you are even paid for social activities like commenting, posting, sharing and partaking in contests. These articles can continue to make you money for years. Two of the most popular article writing websites are Hubpages and Expertscolumn.


Transcribing generally refers to listening to an audio file and typing the content out into text. There can be a great demand for this service at times and there are several companies that specialize in offering transcripts. These companies need people like you to help. All you really need is a computer, to be at least an average typist, and sometimes, a “foot pedal” (to help with speed). Sometimes there is a set rate and sometimes there is a set payment for a specific project. Your total pay really depends on how much you decide to type or what projects you choose. Some popular transcribing companies include: Scribie, Rev, TranscribeMe, Upwork.

make or save $$$

Fiverr is one of the best resources on this list for several reasons. Firstly, as a money maker, Fiverr allows you to sell almost any special skill you may have to a large audience. These skills can include things like playing a game with someone, spiritual healing, graphic design, animation, translating, social media setting up, singing and hundreds of other things that people may find value in. Secondly, in almost any business that you start, you may need some of these resources yourself. Whether it be a website, a flyer, a voiceover ... basically anything you need, you can get at Fiverr and they all start at... yup... $5. Check them out > HERE.


One of the best ways to improve your financial situation is to educate yourself. The problem with that is that some people think they don’t have the time, smarts or money to support this decision… but not so. There are special websites like Udemy that offer many courses that range from free to just a few dollars and offer everything from website design to psychology and then some. With over 40,000 courses to choose from it is very likely some of these can be used to help you start your own business… all from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. 

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►These methods all have great potential for bringing in income. However, like any other job, they require you to put some work in to be successful.
►When earning an income online, you will need some way to receive payments. Some places pay by cheque (depending on your location) and some use electronic transfer. If you want a US bank account (complete with account & routing numbers) and card capable of receiving international payments, you may want to get a Payoneer account. They are a trusted brand with millions of customers all over the world. With this service you can accept debit or credit card payments globally and they are accepted at 35 million outlets and 1.9 million ATMs worldwide. Skrill is also a very trusted brand that in addition to many other features, allows you to send payments instantly to anyone using simply their email address. You can receive international, local and alternative payments in 39 currencies and 200 countries. The entire sign up process is done online and there is no credit check. The acceptance rate is very high and the process is convenient, simple, quick, and free.
►Research, branding and marketing are important factors to consider. You need to find your voice. It could be easy going, very professional, aggressive or any other tone you decide to use with your audience. Figure out what you want to say to your audience, how you want to say it, and before long you can easily find your way out of financial turmoil.
►Many have found that using a mix of the above money making techniques is far more profitable that simply choosing one. Everyone’s talents differ, so you should consider what will work best in your case, and ultimately what you want to accomplish.
►Don’t think that you are not skilled enough to write an article or a blog. There are more than likely people who think like you and would enjoy hearing what you have to say.

If you are having serious suicidal urges right now, call the emergency services or call a suicide hotline